Get back to your natural state

We're not designed to be in pain, or develop chronic injuries. Mother Nature was smarter and kinder than that when we were created. This is the core philosophy of Astrid's work, a belief that most of our pains, aches and injuries are preventable, and that we can heal ourselves by restoring our bodies back to its natural state.

Every single muscle in our body has a specific task to perform, but because we no longer live the way we were designed to (we're not tribal anymore), we lose proper neuromuscular connection which inhibits our muscles from doing what they're supposed to. As a consequence, we develop a variety of postural misalignments and muscular imbalances, with some muscles compensating for what other muscles aren't doing. It doesn't matter if we spend our days sitting, standing, walking or running; it's the repetitive movements we do on a daily basis that creates these imbalances that serves as the root cause of our pains, aches and chronic injuries.

To improve functionality, we need to start treating our bodies as the integrated unit it is. Learning about our individual and specific misalignments, muscular imbalances and faulty movement patterns, will help create an understanding of what we need to do in order to restore and heal ourselves, and prevent future injuries. 

Through implementing specific and corrective exercising into the training, Astrid will help you "rewire" your central nervous system so your muscles can start reclaiming its given functions while restoring proper postural alignment. She's here to help you build knowledge, awareness and understanding of what it truly means to feel strong and be functional.

All sessions are 60 minutes long. The initial session consists of a physical evaluation, a photo-captured postural assessment and a video-captured assessment of movement patterns, and specific orthopedic tests if needed. 

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