Astrid is Wonder Woman. She cleansed my system, whacked me into shape, helped me develop better habits and, shockingly, made the entire process fun. She is smart, wickedly funny, and knows her stuff. She’s gorgeous, too. Astrid is not simply my fitness coach. She is my quality of life guru.  


If you are looking for someone who can kick your ass, make you laugh, relate to you, comfort you, and even cry with you... That only covers parts of what Astrid does. She is the only person involved in the fitness world I've ever worked with who has no problem being just as real as you are. She is the kind of trainer who matches your energy, which has helped enormously in my desire to keep coming back to her. I have noticed not only my body become stronger and feel better through her mind over muscle repetition, but I've also become so much more aware of how I use it every day. Astrid is so genuinely passionate about the human body. She is like a laboratory geek stuck in the build of a tiny model. I have learned so much about how to treat my body, with her vast knowledge of diet and exercise. Through our years of body work and nutrition I have gained both a guru and a best buddy. And have I mentioned how god damn good I look? :)

<3 Nina-Alyssa Ganci

I’ve worked with Astrid weekly over the last two years on general strength training and recovery from long-standing injuries. She is truly gifted. While her knowledge of the body, alignment, and form is extensive, it is her passionate commitment to the health and well being of her clients that sets her apart. She finds the balance between empathetic concern and firm, motivational coaching, always inspiring me to do my best. I’ve fully recovered from my injuries and gained so much from her training on alignment, form, and strength.


Astrid's knowledge and experience make her so in tuned to what you need from both a physical and emotional place. Before I trained with Astrid, I had seen every Physical Therapist and Doctor under the sun, whose programs I couldn't stick with because I never saw results. With Astrid's program, I know exactly how to train so that my body is feeling good and when the pain is unbearable due to stress, she always goes the extra mile to relay exactly what I need to feel better again. Her dedication to clients and to her lifestyle, ensure that I am getting the very best trainer the city has to offer.


I've been a client of Astrid's for over a year. I can honestly say that contacting her is one of the best decisions I've made for my well being. I have a desk job that has reeked havoc on my posture, mainly in my shoulders and lower back. I had resigned myself to accepting the pain as a "part of getting older" but I'm thankful to say that it didn't have to be this way. The last year has brought well needed relief to my body through Astrid's corrective exercises (specific to my own body's needs), coupled with my commitment to wanting to feel better. One of the many things I've learned from Astrid is to listen to my body and adjust accordingly. She has helped me step outside of my comfort zone with fitness challenges that I didn't think I could accomplish. I am forever grateful for the things she has taught me. Hands down, one of the best teachers I've had the opportunity of learning from.


I came to Astrid back in 2012 after suffering a stressful back injury that had left me in constant pain. As a young woman in her 20's, it was difficult to feel so physically incapacitated, and frustrating how little doctors and drugs had been able to help. Astrid's specialized targeting of very particular muscles helped me to retrain my neurological pathways so the correct muscles were firing when they should have. This not only strengthened my back and helped me recover completely from my injury, but eventually did away with the constant muscle pain I was experiencing from the injury, poor alignment and stress. Astrid focuses a great deal on the holistic approach, and takes into account a person's diet, lifestyle, and activities to try to target and correct problems in a way physical therapy never can. I simply cannot say enough how much working with her has helped me. I recommend her to everyone, from folks suffering from everyday aches from sitting at their desk, to people recovering from serious injury. She simply is the best!


I was introduced to Astrid by a friend yoga instructor. At the time, I had tried everything and I had pretty much given up on my back. Gym, PT, injections, pilates, yoga, all seemed to cause momentary relief to a serious low back injury, but nothing could really bring me to a stable and painless condition, despite my high degree of dedication.

The story was different with Astrid. First, she brings in-depth understanding and fine intuition of how all parts of our body are connected and one affects the other. Secondly, she does an excellent job at educating her customers about their bodies. An engineer by training, I could finally get a satisfactory explanation of why certain parts of my body were in pain. Finally, and most importantly, my condition has improved dramatically and is becoming more stable, to a point where I've been able to redeem a number of physical and leisure activities I've always loved.

I would totally recommend (and I have been) Astrid Bengtson to all those who are serious about getting their physical condition in order.


I have been a client of Astrid's for over two years now, and she is wonderful!!! She listens, and she knows the body so well. She comes up with numerous exercises to target specific areas in the body. I have never felt stronger! Her biggest strength is that she corrects problem/weak areas, while enhancing the body overall. She is not your typical "personal trainer." She is much more than that! She uses her depth of knowldege about the body to draw a connection from the head down to the toes. She explains things in a way that make sense and she is a great motivator. 

I recommend Astrid for everyone!