Anxiety & Stress

I got a question the other day from a person gently asking me if my way of living (diet and exercise) is really healthy? I mean, am I not depriving myself, or at the risk of over training? Am I too disciplined? These thoughts are common around people I meet, and especially obvious in situations involving food, since I'm unfortunately usually still the odd ball who don't eat grains, legumes, sugars or anything processed. I don't really understand why my way of eating (which is purely natural and healthy) should be a cause of concern for others, but it is. 

But back to the question, am I depriving myself? Short answer is no, of course I'm not. I'm nurturing myself. That is not deprivation in my world. The long answer has a lot to do with who I am. See, I'm a pretty anxiety driven individual. An emotional roller coaster or just hyper sensitive if you will it. Not hyper sensitive in a way that means I'll start crying uncontrollably whenever a minor curve ball is thrown my way, but sensitive to situations, and others around me. Many things in my life, and I'm sure this is true for others as well, is a source of anxiety in some way. Stress at work. That feeling of never being done. Am I drinking too much caffeine? Too much alcohol? Relationships. Friendships. Family. Am I enough? Am I doing enough? Anxiety and stress! And guilt sometimes. But when it comes to making healthy food choices and exercising, it's completely stress and anxiety free. I have never regretted a workout. I've never regretted a healthy food choice. I have however felt crappy physically and emotionally from not moving my body enough. From eating too much sugar (oh the anxiety that comes with the sugar jitters). Or eating gluten that makes my belly feel horrible and gives me headaches. So no, I don't feel like I am depriving myself. To me, my stinky sneakers, that stink because I've been running in them is joy. My sweaty workout clothes is joy. Feeling that my legs are tired at the end of the day because they've worked is joy. Feeling hungry because my body needs fuel is joy. Fueling my body is joy. Sugar, processed foods and grains (and gluten) is not a source of joy. It's a source of feeling shitty. So I do my best to minimize that. Makes sense, right?