Lunge Tutorial

As I believe I promised in this post here's a little lunge tutorial to help you all get your butts in check.

Get into a lunge position. I like keeping either a yoga block between my hands or just clasp them together, to help align my shoulders by reaching my elbows towards the floor. Ears, shoulders and hips should be aligned on top of each other. Before you lunge down, elevate your back heel off the floor, and soften the back knee to help disengage the quad. The purpose is to engage your front glute muscle, and not the back quad. Make sure your front heel is rooted into the floor, all while still keeping the ball of your foot rooted as well. Engage your abs and begin lowering your body down, actively pulling your abs in, and lengthening out throughout your spine. Front knee should stay aligned on top of your front ankle, and you should not be leaning forward here. Use your front glute and press back up again, but not to the point where the back leg extends fully. Fully extended leg will only fire your quads.


What not to do. Take a look in a mirror from the front. With butt amnesia comes all sorts of sneaky ways for the body to try avoid having to use the glutes. If the hip of the glute that's supposed to be firing is coming out to the side, and knee is moving in towards your midline, then you're not working correctly. This alignment inhibits your glute complex from stabilizing your hip and knee and instead, the adductor complex kicks in and takes over. This is bad for your knee (especially the soft tissue on the medial side) and it also defeats the purpose of the lunge.

Use the concept of mind to muscle here! Try to actively feel your front glute firing, think about that booty. Patience is important as well. Remember that it has taken years to disconnect from your glutes, so go easy on yourself and remember that we become good at what we practice. Repetition is your friend here. Practice often, trust the process, and don't give up. Your butt wants to work <3