Saturday Morning...

...aaand I'm still on my fat coffee grind after all these years. Lately I've been upping the nutrient density by adding some egg yolks or even whole eggs into it. Sounds gross, but I am a little gross with my food. Not gonna lie.


I'm for sure a caffeine addict, but my coffee serves a little deeper purpose than getting me my fix. Fat is our bodies' preferred fuel, and I use a combination of grass fed butter and MCT oil. Both are great for us, but they serve slightly different purposes. The MCT (medium chain triglycerides) become available to use as energy immediately, because it's broken down by enzymes in the saliva and gastric juices. This means they bypass the normal process of digestion and fat breakdown, and are taken straight to the liver where it acts similar to carbs (the answer to the immediate energy boost), without the negative side effects of carbs (increased blood sugar, insulin, fat storing instead of burning, too much of the hunger hormone ghrelin and the hormonal cycle goes on and on). So MCT really is for all. Not just for keto-freaks like me who are already fat driven. There's other health benefits to MCT's aside from the energy boost, such as improved blood sugar regulation, metabolism and better bacterial flora in our gut to name a few, but what I personally love the most is what it does for my brain. It really increases ketone production in the early am, which makes me real sharp and sassy. Evolutionary advantage folks!

The butter is mainly delicious, let's be real. But, it is a little magical too :) At least if it's grass fed. This essential, pure animal fat (with only microscopic amounts of milk proteins and lactose sugar), won’t make you fat. Instead it will boost your metabolism and encourage your body to use fat for energy (which helps reducing body fat). And, it’s heart healthy! It contains conjugated linolic acid, which is not only awesome for the heart, it can also help reducing the growth of breast cancer cells.

So fatten your coffee up people! It's delicious! Just remember to mix it real good, nobody likes fatty blobs in their drinks. Throw your hot coffee and fat into a blender, and the outcome will be like the creamiest, richest latte you've ever had. Promise.