Quick Fishy Meal

This folks, ain't for someone who doesn't like that fishy smell or flavor :) Being a Swede I love it, but it's an acquired taste. Lately it's been my go-to lazy meal when I'm all cooked out and just.not.feeling.it.anymore. I take sardines (make sure they're crap free, only fish, salt and water or olive oil), and wrap them in seaweed sheets. My fellow sister from another mister Diana taught me this magical trick. She's a crafty one that little lady. Usually I just stand by the counter in the kitchen and eat it there. But then other times I get fancy and put the rolls on a plate. Boil some eggs, cut up some avocado. Maybe add some homemade salsa (tomatoes, onions, cilantro, some spicy pepper and lots and lots of lime juice). But to be honest that has only happened once, and I happened to photograph it. I usually just open the damn jar, wrap the fish in seaweed and dip it in hot sauce (hot sauce makes everything better). It's delicious. It really is. And super, super good for ya! Try it. Go go go.